One of the key individuals in the success of our Shul is Dr. Dudie Diamond, who in addition to his generous financial support, individually welcomes everyone who visits and joins our Shul, ensuring that they immediately feel at home in the warm environment of the Ridniker Shteibel! Most of you are aware that in addition to Dudie being a highly successful pediatrician he is an active Board member of Agudath Israel of America and devotes significant time to projects that benefit the broad spectrum of Orthodox Jewry. We all benefitted from Dudie’s leadership in organizing the Siyum Hashas this past year where many of us had superior seats with his assistance.

Dudie is chairman of Agudah’s 91st annual dinner which will be held May 5th at the Hilton New York and has generously invited all the members of the Shul to attend at no cost, as his personal guests. Your attendance will helps demonstrate to the elected officials and other notables expected to be present the strength and determination of the Orthodox community.

I personally urge each of you to make reservations and attend this dinner as a sign of our Shul’s Hakoras Hatov to Dudie and to support Dudie with his tremendous efforts on behalf of Klal Yisroel.

Please click here to make a reservation online, or here for a printable version. Be sure to specify that you are a guest of Dr. Diamond.

Agudah Dinner Fyer