“Kol dichfin yasei uyachal, kol ditzric yasei v’yifsach”
All who are hungry let them come and eat; all who are needy let them come and celebrate.

Chana and I invite you to come celebrate the 65th birthday of my father, Dovid Halevi, the 52nd anniversary of his Bar mitzvah, Parshas Parah, and the 47th yortzeit of his father, Reb Yehudah Aryeh Leib Ben Dovid Halevi. (Bo bayom)

There will be rolls to wash, and enough food ala Pomegranate to last you until your post Shabbos bathroom run. And definitely enough drink to force said run to occur.

Shachris is at 9:45, Kiddish at apprx 11:20.

We would like to see you there, especially if we have not seen you in a while…. Don’t worry about Shul, don’t worry about the time, just show up whenever.

The Ridniker – 309 west 89th.

Ariel & Chana Schacter