I would like to keep you informed about some changes going on at Fairway market.
Fairway Market is committed to providing kosher consumers with the best quality glatt kosher meat at a fair price. Originally all meats were packaged in a central Fairway facility (first in the Harlem store, later in the red Hook store) under supervision of Mehadrin Kashrus. In recent years the meats have been labeled with OU on the label since they were packaged in Fairway’s own room in an OU certified refrigerated plant. Fairway is now reverting to cut as much of the meat on premises as possible to ensure maximum freshness and efficiency. Most suburban stores have a kosher meat room with a mashgiach temidi, and all production will take place at the store level. The Manhattan stores which have no space for kosher meat cutting will be receiving meat prepared in the Pelham Fairway store with a mashgiach temidi under strict supervision of Mehadrin Kashrus and the Kof-K. Some cuts of meat will be packed by our supervised wholesale suppliers and will bear their kashrus seals. the meat will be from Teva (certified by OU and Harav Dovid Miller shlita of Monsey) and from Alle-Meal Mart (certified by OU and the Nirbator Rov shlita), supplemented sometimes by meat from Solomons (certified by OU and Harav Steinmetz shlita, the Skverer dayan).
Chicken will continue to be supplied from Kiryas Joel, using the special breed chickens of Murrays.

The changeover will start immediately and will be completed within the next week.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein
Mehadrin Kashrus