Our West Side community has the zechus
of hosting

Rabbi Binyomin Eisenberger Shlita

this Shabbos
Parshas Ki Sisa – Parah
March 1-2, 2013

The following is the Rav’s schedule:

Kabolas Shabbos: Boyaner Shtibel, Mincha 5:38 PM
451 West End Avenue

Oneg Shabbos for men and women: from 9 PM
Home of Ali and Naomi Scharf
545 West End Avenue, Apt 5A

Shacharis: Babad Shtibel, brochos 9 AM
321 West 100 Street
The Rav will speak during kiddush following davening

Ladies Shiur: 4 PM
Seuda Shlishis for women will be served after the shiur
Home of Dr Dudi and Tzippy Diamond
473 West End Avenue, Apt 1C

Mincha/Seuda Shlishis – for men
Mincha 5:30 PM
Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan
346 West 89 Street, corner RSD