I wanted to update everyone on the progress of our relief projects:

In house #1 we have ordered and installed a new bathroom. We have finalized the kitchen and are proceeding with the order tomorrow. The kitchen should be delivered in under two weeks and take 3-4 days to install. We have finalized our floor order and are determining tomorrow which vendor can provide it for the best price and we will then proceed with order and installation.  

In house #2 we have verified the boiler and heating work that was done post Sandy by another vendor. While there is no evidence that there is mold in the house, we have scheduled a test because we want to be certain that we can proceed before beginning work in the house. Once testing is conducted we will formulate a plan for the necessary work.

After we have completed our initial orders on house #1, which should hopefully happen by the early part of next week, we will begin the process of choosing house #3.

Thank you very much for your continued support of this important project!

Tizku Lemitzvos