Hi –

I wanted to update everyone on our current progress. House #1’s kitchen was delivered this past Thursday. Installation is on track to be completed by the end of this week. The family is hopefully within two weeks of moving back in!

We have begun work on our second home. The basement has been gutted and currently the wiring and electric are being redone. We are awaiting quotes from contractors and we hope to begin renovation work shortly.

I wanted to share with the Shul that B.Z. Halberstam joined together with members of the Passaic/Clifton community to support our efforts. B’H he has raised over $3,000 to assist our efforts. Yasher Koach!

I also wanted to the let the shul know that I saw Rabbi & Mrs. Fried on Motzei Shabbos at the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway dinner. Rabbi Fried asked me to share the following message with the shtieble: “There is nothing worse than yee-osh, to simply give up hope regarding everything. You will never know and can never imagine where our spirits were after Hurricane Sandy. We will never be able to repay your shul for what they did for our family. Thank you, thank you.”

Thank you all for your efforts and support – Tizku Lemitzvos!

Josh Gelb