Thank you to everyone who made Sukkos at the Ridniker so beautiful this year!

Special hakaros hatov to…
– All the men who helped build and take apart the sukkah
– Dr. & Mrs. Dudie Diamond for sponsoring breakfast every morning
– Moshe & Adrianna Schwartz for sponsoring kiddush on Shemini Atzeres
– Tzvi & Yocheved Diamond for hosting a beautiful Simchas Torah kiddush in their home
– Shuy Gelb for arranging all the catering
-Tully Reich for insuring that we always have a minyan and start davening (almost) on time
– Aaron Cohen for preparing the zmanim and Divrei Torah every single week
– Adam Westreich, who made it all happen
…and to everyone else who participated!

Please remember to pay your pledges by check or online.

Sukkos at the Ridniker