donation plates will be set up for msachatzis hashekel
and matonos l’evyonim
in shul
Saturday night (megillah layning is 1/2 hour AFTER TZAYS)
and Sunday iy”H

when remembering your communal obligations,
please bring a check for west side hatzoloh
if you haven’t already given it to me,
Ezras Torah. for your usual annual amount
for the ma’os chitin fund
(an appeal will NOT be made this year).

if you prefer you may mail it to me at 585 west end ave # 5G, ny 10024

the hatzoloh checks will be turned in on march 10.
the ezras torah checks will be turned in on 3/15 in order to benefit
recipients by pesach.

a freilach’n peerim!